Website Hosting Provider Guide

The Guide to finding a website hosting provider.

You have to make a decision when it comes to website hosting providers, so finding a host for your website needs at a budget you can afford will be the hard part so make sure you do the research. You need to find a host that is efficient. However, you also want a hosting provider that has the services you need. This is a quick guide to help you find the right hosting provider.

Is the cpanel easy to use? Does this website hosting provider offer tutorial & videos. Use these type of tutorials to your advantage to make sure it is a cpanel is easy easy to use and navigate.

Are you using wordpress? Some hosts offer one click wordpress install features. They can be very useful if you’re not tech savvy when it comes to building a website, make sure the host has and allows FTP transfers. This is what you need to upload your web pages to your new server.

Make sure your website hosting provider allows different file types for upload. If you are using website builder make sure your host allows or provides site builder before you pay out of pocket expenses for these services.

How much do you need? Look for data capacity, bandwidth, file size limitations, cron jobs, mysql database limit, the amount of domains allowed, email services and limits. You don’t need to go crazy but a website hosting providers need to accommodate your hosting need and give you room to growth.

BackBone – Occasional downtime is expected for maintenance, upgrades etc.. although it should be rare and you should be informed of when the servers are going to be down. Most website hosting server should be up 99.9% of the time.

SSL certificate – If you are going to do business online then security is very important. Even if you do not want to do business online, you should still get an ssl because google is ranking websites using SSL higher then normal http because they think if you invest in security you website is important to you.

Features – What does your website need to have to function the way you want it to? Do you need a shopping cart for your eCommerce site, company emails with an auto responders? Make sure your new website hosting provider can accommodate all the features and functions you need way before you sign up & transfer your domains.

Website hosting reviews – This is normally the last thing you find once you have narrowed your choices before you compare hosting providers and prices. Make sure the host has a good reputation in the hosting industry. Find out if the hosting provider is a reseller because there are lots resellers, make sure you’re dealing with main website hosting company and not a reseller – you will get a better price from the main website hosting company then a reseller and including better customer service.

Finally, you will need to compare prices and features. If the website hosting provider can meets all of the above preferences and is a great fit in your budget, you have found the greatest website hosting provider you will ever need. There are many great website hosting providers in the industry but, you have to do your homework based on what you need to help you grow.

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