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Price: $8.99 - $59.99 a month

I would recommend them because upon my look into them i noticed that they are contently looking for great engineers to help them stay on top of the network infrastructure from cloud to content service. They also anounce any vulnerability's on the net as soon as they find it.


Total Server Solution

Total Server Solutions began by some tech savvy individuals that enjoyed hosting networks, big data which became one of the most widely respected companies in the network hosting industry.

Some Total Server Solutions Features

  • Managed Dedicated Services
  • Software Licenses
  • Ecommerce Hosting Plans
  • SSD Based VPS
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Content Delivery Network (Iptv Solution)
  • DDOS Protection

They provide a trusted server management so you can worry about growing your business. You don’t have to worry about growing your technology, or security issues just promoting.

They basically provide managed servers from consumers to big businesses in a widerange of industries. Total Server Solutions recently announced that they partnered with Atlanta Tech Village to help startups prosper and shine. The Village is one the largest startup focus in this country. It serves as the headquarters for nearly 200 tech start-ups with their mission to help start-ups grow.

Total Server Solutions headquarters is in North America. They also provide solutions in Europe and Asia.

The Total Server Solutions CDN allows clents to deliver video files with features such as fast forward, rewind, with video buffer loading from that point instead of waiting for the video to download like with normal  streaming services. This also includes Playback of up to 1080p. They use the network protocol Nginix to serve videos through normal HTTP.

Complicated Sign-in – They have multiple  customer portals depending on which  services you have ordered. They include this note; “This will be temporary until we complete the task of consolidating all of our separate customer portals into one.”

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